LeverLock Black Stopper

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LeverLock handle won't fit correctly in shaft-  is too loose/too tight

If you are having trouble fitting your LeverLock into the paddle shaft or there is still some movement of the handle when the lever is placed in the shaft and in the locked position, it may be that you need to adjust the rubber stopper at the bottom of the LeverLock handle by turning the nut clockwise to increase the width of the stopper or anti-clockwise to reduce the width. 

If the width of the rubber stopper doesn't appear to be adjustable, it may be that it has become compressed into a fixed width. In this case, you can replace it with a spare.

We suggest keeping your LeverLock handle in an unlocked position with the lever lifted up, when not in use. This way, less tension will be put through the handle to prevent the stopper from compressing.