RPC Board Valve (complete) with Red Washer

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Complete board valve which comes with dust cap and can be easily screwed into the valve cradle using the valve tool provided in the repair kit which comes with every Red Paddle Co board. The valve tool can also be found here on our Spares website if needed.

The valve we've used has changed over the years. This valve is for 2016 boards and onwards. To be sure which valve you need, get in touch with us at 'team@redpaddleco.com'. 

Occasionally, air can leak from around the valve. In this case, the valve just needs tightening (not replacing) by following the instructions in the following video on how to fit or remove your valve: https://redpaddleco.com/en-gb/paddle-boarding-know/inflatable-paddle-board-maintenance-videos/how-to-remove-your-valve/

If it feels as if the centre pin isn't working correctly, it may be that debris is caught there, so we suggest removing the valve, pressing in and releasing the centre pin a few times to remove anything lodged there and then screw the valve back into place with the board spanner (valve tool).